Buffalo SEO Company

Let us be your SEO company in the Buffalo, NY area.

If you’re looking for a Buffalo based SEO company you can stop looking, ElucideX is your company.

We’re a small company based just outside of Buffalo that promises to make SEO easy to understand, achieve results for you, and increase your revenue and ROI.  We like to think of our relationships with clients like partnerships and think that if we can help make you be successful, we’ll be successful.

If you’re new to SEO and not sure if you need it, where to turn for help or a large company with their own SEO team, chances are we can help.

Some basic questions:

What is SEO and why do I need it?
Simply stated, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving your web site’s rank in search engine (like Google) for a particular keyword.  You may have the best web site in the world, but if no one can find it, what good is it doing you?  Even if your web site is already appearing in Google, most of the traffic goes to the top 5 spots, so that’s where you need to be.  In today’s world everyone is searching online, so if you’re business isn’t showing for relevant search terms you’re missing business.

Why should we trust ElucideX?
We’ve been doing SEO and other internet marketing strategies for over 10 years now and have a proven track record of delivering results.  Unlike many companies selling SEO, we truly understand how it works and won’t stop until we’ve delivered results.  We could go on, but honestly you don’t have to trust us –  you just have to give us a chance to prove it.  We’re happy to meet, discuss you needs and make recommendations – all for free.  We’ll even do some work for free, proving that we’re for real.  No contracts needed, no teeny tiny print.  We don’t have pre-set packages and pricing – every client is different and we want to work together to build a plan that will get you results for pricing that keeps your ROI where you need it.

If we can’t help you, we won’t try.
A lot of companies want to sell you something no matter what.  Not us.  If we decide that we’re not the right company for you, we’re going to tell you so.  We don’t want to waste your time and money nor ours.

We’ll make SEO as easy to understand as you want.
If you want to understand how we’re going to rank your site, we’ll break it down and do our best to explain how it works to you in as easy to understand terms as we can.  If you just want ranking improvement and don’t care how we do it, that works too.

We’re not just focused on SEO – we’re focused on driving you more revenue.
While more visitors and traffic to your site should equate to more revenue, there’s generally more to do.  We understand how business works and go a lot further then just improving rank (unless that’s all you want).  We’ll make sure you site is setup correctly, we’re going after the best keywords, and that we have analytics in place to monitor your site and improve conversion.

If you want to more about us just give us a call and lets talk about what you’re looking to accomplish.  716-749-4911 – The best time to reach us is usually during business hours but feel free to call anytime, if we can answer we will.